This past week, Little Miss and I were working at the store – a common occurrence. She was sitting on the counter, playing with our debit machine. She takes one of our business cards, places it in the bottom, where you would put your chip card, and pretends to do a transaction. She has done this completely on her own, mimicking what she sees us do on a regular basis – she was playing.

Someone had come in, and commented that she was bored. “She needs an iPad,” she remarked. Hubby simply replied that she doesn’t, and we all went on our way.


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Little Miss doesn’t watch TV. In her two and a half years, we have sat down once as a family to watch a 1/2 hour of television. When someone is babysitting her, she gets a “treat” and can watch a program or two. It’s simply not something we have worked into our daily routine. We consciously chose to not expose her to TV and technology, and our intention was commit to that until she was 2.

I do not judge those who do use TV to get things done. I understand the draw! Or, perhaps you need a few minutes to yourself. I get that! However, if you’re wondering if a TV free toddler is possible, I just wanted to reassure you that it is 🙂

Do you have rules around technology in your household?